Listings are with the most recent updates first.

18-Oct-10 -  The web pages have been made with "Frontpage", "NVU", or "WORD" all of which add loads of "crap" into the program. I am gradually trying to "de-crapify" the pages to make them easier to maintain. Several pages have been done - this isn't one of them!

20-Oct-09 -  Added the RCARC club web page. The link is in the list on the left.

26-Apr '09 -  
Updated Net Control Schedule and West membership list. The call up tree is being modified.

11-Jul '08  -  Added a page of photos from Paddlequest under the RECORD link.

23-Feb '08 -  Added a newspaper clipping from the Renfrew Mercury to the Scrapbook.

04-May '07 - Added a new page with links to the county emergency plan and the and municipal emergency plans that are available on the web.

11 Dec '06 - There were problems back in Oct. that caused the website to revert to it's earlier (6 months ago) form. This has now been corrected, and the site is back to being nearly current! Most of the links have been fixed, however, I'm sure there are lots of broken links left to locate and fix. Let me (VE3YX) know if you find any problems.  There are additions to the "scrapbook" page.

18FEB06 - New website being modified by Bob VE3YX. New URL: http://www.rcarc.ca. It will take a while to bash it into shape!!

14FEB06 - New net control schedule posted on the new website.

18OCT05 - Added a link in the navigation window to a page on the ARES website that will be used to announce current news and items of interest to ARES members, and the Renfrew County ARES group as a whole.

17OCT05 - Updated the ARES net control roster to reflect the net controllers up to the end of Jan/06.

03OCT05 - Added a link to the findu.com site on the family page, and also added the pictures of our new pleasure 'Knot @ Home'.

29MAY05 - Removed the second web cam link due to mostly non-activity. Now just running the single web-cam.

24APR05 - Fixed the link to the Renfrew County ARES agreement between the County and ARES. Thanks Ed (VA3ED) for pointing out the break in the link. The County had moved the file, but there is now a new pointer to the new location.

14APR05 - Fixed the link to OSARVA. (Thanks to Brad VE3BSM for pointing out the problem)

23MAR05 - Now have the new updated (working) version of the cam software (VisionGS) and I am running a continuous stream under a Beta test mode. This stream is set to stream at 56K modem speed. (The cams are available only via the Fester site) There is a second stream also running, and it is set as a high speed video stream, though this stream is NOT 24/7, it will be streaming most days. Also corrected the IP Upload database issue. Also changed the hyperlink text background to draw more attention to the navigation bar at the top of the page.

19FEB05 - Finally had the opportunity to re-address the sound card issue with the scanner page. I am now once again running 2 separate sound sources into the feed. You might hear an HF net from your left speaker, and the VHF/UHF scanner on the right. Just use your balance control on your favorite player to select either (or both) channels. I also updated the scrolling script (on the Family page) to reflect the changes on the scanner page.

25DEC04 - Updated the link to the Communications Interface page by Cint Hurd. Thank you Clint for the information and updated URL, as well as for maintaining a great page. Also corrected the 'HOME tab on the digital page to open a whole page when returning to Home from the link at the bottom of the page.

14DEC04 - Updated the ARES Net Control schedule. Also added new items to the ARES calendar.

04NOV04 - Added a direct link to the listen mode of the scanner on the main menu page.

03NOV04 - Updated the link to ARESONTARIO to reflect the new URL.

25OCT04 - Changed the ARES NET page to reflect the changes to the ARES net regarding IRLP connections. Updated the MEETINGS page to reflect the past ARES meeting, and revised the RECORD page to include the latest call out by the OPP for the Black Bay Area Search. Also included the Beachburg Bike Tour ARES exercise. The ARES calendar was also updated. The link to the Pembroke Police Services web site was also revised to reflect the new web page.

13OCT04 - Updated the event calendar and revised the ARES welcome page. Made a slight modification to the ARES Net Control schedule.

26JUL04 - Removed the links to 'It's a Country Life' from both the navigation bar and the scanner page.

17JUL04 - Repaired issues with the audio server for both the country music and the scanner. Looks like the system is back up and running the way it should be. Also note that severe storm activity in the area has kept the Echo-Link and audio server down randomly in the last while.

07JUL04 - Updated the ARES net schedule to reflect net controller for the next segment.

24JUN04 - Posted the pictures of PADDLEQUEST 2004 under 'For The Record. Also added the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary web site to the navigation bar. Updated the 'Meetings'  section as required. Posted the latest winning picture for the Renfrew County page.

09JUN04 - Updated the navigation bar to reflect the new ARES Ontario page under ARES ONTARIO.

03JUN04 - Video issues appear to have been worked out. The video feed is now running 24/7 but is only accessible to family. The audio card issues have also been resolved, however, there was no work-around with the current BIOS in the system. The on-board audio had to be disabled and two PCI audio cards had to be added. This works well, and allows Echo-link to run 24/7 along with the other audio feeds. The current system is running on 147.480 simplex with a 100 Hz tone. All are welcome to use the system while in the Pembroke and surrounding area.

24MAY04 - The Scanner and the country music feed have been running the last 72 hours with no problems. A slight glitch in the video feed is causing some trouble on occasion, but hopefully this will get worked out soon. The video feed freezes and no update is fed to the internet. This appears to be a video card related issue. The second audio card (Creative Sound Blaster card) has been added to the system. The card functions fine on its own, and the on-board sound system works fine on it's own. Time constraints have prevented me from working on combining the two cards into the system. I hope to deal with this issue in the near future. The second audio card will permit Echo-link to run independently in the background.

20MAY04 - After many trials and tribulations with various methods and server options, I was not able to get my video server (Not accessible from ARES) to run under Linux the way I wanted it to. Combined with this is the fact that ECHO-LINK will not run under Linux. This prompted me to return to the dreaded Micro-Soft platform. The P4 - 2.2 GHz machine is once again pumping out audio from the scanner and other sources, playing great country music, and feeding video to a closed web-site. Some work is under way to add a 2'nd sound card for the Echo-Link system. If all goes well, the server will be up running 24/7.

29APR04 - Added the results of the ARES AEC meeting to the MEETINGS page. Also made several enhancements to the ARES EVENT calendar. The changes are to the color scheme, and the calendar now opens in it's own window, allowing for a larger view.

17APR04 - Added a second audio to the stream of the audio server (country music) this is an experimental mode for the audio feed using separate ports and allowing the user to select the stream.

13APR04 - The scanner audio server is now running on it's own server (P4 - 2.4 GHz) under Linux Redhat 9.0.

01APR04 - The 'MEETINGS' page was added to the menu selections allowing for a record of the ARES meetings. An overview of the 31MAR04 meeting was also added to the site, selectable from the MEETINGS page.

08MAR04 - Scanner is now back on line...system is now running on a P4 @ 3.2 GHz.

21FEB04 - Added a link to an audio server to allow scanner and other audio sources as input to the web. Also changed the Navigation  page to allow for additional links and faster updating of the site. 

16FEB04 - Re-wrote the logbook to allow for a more aesthetic view.

14Feb04 - Added new scripting (SSI) to allow for real-time on-line count plus total hit counter. 

07Feb04 - Updated welcome page marquee, also made some minor changes to Logbook templates.

05Feb04 - Created the Anderson Power Pole page and added the scrolling Marquee to the Welcome page in order to highlight various events etc.

30Jan04 - Added the minutes of the Jan.18/04 Arnprior Emergency Planning meeting submitted by Bill (VE3TUC) on  the 'for the RECORD' page. 

25JAN04 - Added the ScrapBook page to the web site, also added a number of new links to the Amateur Links page. Sent request to a number of the links for reciprocal linking between pages. Scanned in the ARES Badge and added it to the front welcome screen. Set up the Red Cross link to open in it's own window.

20JAN04 - Added the Digital web page to encourage digital mode operations and familiarization. Also highlights the use of the soundcard in place of a TNC. Added the temp/time banner on the welcome page. Installed the required script files for the Guestbook. Also added the CRRNEP exercise report to 'For The Record', as well as adding the ARES MedKit info to the ARES Forms page.

19JAN04 - Did a major re-write of the forms handler, correcting several problems that was preventing the membership form from being correctly emailed. Also requested RAC to add a link to their website to the Renfrew County ARES page. Repaired a link from the formthanks page to the net page and expanded our coverage details on the net page.

18JAN04 - Changed the Event Calendar to read Amateur Event Calendar as opposed to ARES Event Calendar. Also made slight change to the forms1 page to include Renfrew County text ahead of ARES text to read Renfrew County ARES.

14JAN04 - Updated ARES net control schedule.

07DEC03 - Repaired link from RAC-ARES to reflect updated site location from Radio Amateurs of Canada.

20NOV03 - Updated call-out tree to reflect additional members and change of telephone numbers where required. Also slight change to Net pre-amble.  Added ARES SAR 'Search for Ardeth Wood' in the "For the Record"  file.

12OCT03 - Updated home page to remove IPM assistance request. Also added ARES Record for Bancroft search 27Jul02.

07AUG03 - Some minor changes to the opening page. Mainly to draw attention to Bill 49.

06AUG03 - Created new Net Schedule to replace the expired one, and made some minor changes to the active/non-active membership list. Also uploaded 1'st draft of the ARES call out tree.

28JUL03 - Updated the RECORDS to reflect the Golden Lake ARES search call out by the OPP.

26JUL03 - Installed both Field Day 2002 and Field Day 2003 pages. Also, added a 2'nd HOME button on the navigator bar.

23JUL03 - Repaired Membership Form so it correctly opened in the right side frame.

02JUL03 - Add link to RAC link page. I was intending to add the Band Plan(s) for the various bands, but this link page says it all ...Also added a HOME link from the Construction page, and added the first stage of the Field Day 2003 to the 'For The Record' page. Re-arranged the ARESLINK page to put the update and home links at the bottom of the page.

01JUL03  - HAPPY CANADA DAY!! - Repaired link to properly display the  Thank you page following a form submission. Re-designed the Link Buttons to appear more uniform. Added upcoming Flea Markets to the Event calendar, and repaired a HOME link on the Calendar Access page.

26JUN03 - Updated the 'For The Record' Page  - Added the pictures (as sent in by Bob - VE3GQW) and the story line as it appeared in the Valley Spectrum (May 17, 2001 - Series 6, Vol.2) written by Ron Davis (VE3ZRV) and Brodie Doyle (VA3BDT) of the ARES January 2001 Winter Exercise at the Chalet. Also added a HOME link to the bottom of the Scene 2 - Canoeing Along the Snake River' page.

19JUN03 - Modified Calendar settings to allow descriptive text to handle web based hypertext. Also added a link (by request) for volunteers to assist with the upcoming IPM in Lanark County in September 2003. Added the link to the 'For The Record' Page, and created a coverage of the Spring2003Paddle down the Snake river from the pictures acquired by Randy (VA3RKS)... Thanks Randy.

14JUN03 - Added link to RAC ARES.

11JUN03 - Added a shorter URL to the webhop server. You can now get to the ARES site from : www.rc-ares.webhop.net  . Please bookmark this new address. (Just think of it as a short version of Renfrew County ARES = rc-ares). Also added the ARES ONTARIO link and updated some events on the calendar.

10JUN03 - Made an early afternoon desperate plea to my server support group to PLEASE give me back my CGI scripting... they responded within minutes of my email (WOW, now that IS service) and not only did they return my directories to CGI compatibilities, but they gave me a hec of a deal on my next years subscription. Those guys at Blacksun.ca are GREAT. Spent the rest of the evening re-writing my directories on the server (yes, once again) but now have control of the way things run. Created a web calendar to highlight ARES activities (thanks to a little bit of PERL scripting and some pre-written software ). Added this page, and promised Val I would get back to my regular duties before much longer...

09JUN03 - Have been battling for control of the software all evening.... Give me back my CGI-Scripting....Completely re-wrote several directories on the server to accommodate the different software, and I am STILL doing battle. Thinking I will be begging my server support people to return me to CGI. 

07JUN03 - 08-JUN03 - MAJOR CHANGES in the way the web pages are accessed. Moved all of the files for the ARES site over from my home web site to my commercial web site, (www.technifest.com) allowing an expansion of an additional 15 MEG's of web space. Fine tuned the ARES question form, revamped the FORMMAIL program and evoked a change over to Server Side Extensions from the usual CGI scripting. (Here's hoping I will like the new scripting tools.) 

31-MAY03 - 01JUN03 - Created the first version of an ARES question form (after persuading my server NRTCO to re-adjust my settings to allow for FORM-MAIL activation, which they did, thank you) and put some finishing touches on some of the link pages. Also added the .pdf file of the Renfrew County Emergency Plan and how it relates to the Renfrew County ARES group through our agreement.

25MAY03 - Created the HTTP buttons to allow links to the OPP, OSARVA, and Pembroke Police protocols. Included the protocols for on-line viewing. Also put a printable version of Chris's (VA3CRL) Radio-Gram on line. Added several more ARES forms for viewing and downloading. Initiated a WEBHOP server to allow for a more suitable web name (www.renfrewcountyares.webhop.net) instead of the old http://www.nrtco.net/~lester/ARES address.

10MAY03 - 11MAY03 - Updated the look of the HTTP buttons on the link side of the web page. Added in some links to the members listing page and created the 'Construction Page' to be tied to some of the unfinished pages.

06MAY03 - Created some of the initial web pages such as the welcome page and a few links. Uploaded them to the www and sent an email to Guy asking him to add a link from the RCARC page over to the ARES page (as the ARES page has a link to RCARC)

03MAY03 - Initiated plans to create a Renfrew County ARES web-site, and discussed the possibilities of having it hosted on the RCARC site. However, the logistics of doing this (creating a page, having Guy upload it, then my viewing it and making subsequent changes) just did not make any sense. Decided to host the page on my personal site at NRTCO.

17MAR03 - Discussed initial concept of ARES web-site at the RCARC general meeting.

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