Amateur Radio Emergency Services

Ontario Provincial Police


Upper Ottawa Valley Detachment


Killaloe Detachment


In the event that the Amateur Radio Emergency Services are needed for emergency assistance or a special event, the following protocol shall be followed.


The ARES Organization Policy is that:

  1. The officer in charge or his designate, will contact the ARES Emergency Coordinator or his designate to request the help of the amateur radio operators.

  2. The Coordinator or his designate, will advise the officer in charge or his designate on the availability and response time to assist police with emergency communications.

  3. The officer in charge or his designate, will detail the amateur radio operators and brief them of the emergency or special event involved.

  4. The Emergency Coordinator of ARES will liaise with the officer in charge in regards to deployment and schedule of operators.

  5. Debriefing after the emergency will be conducted by the Ontario Provincial Police.


The Ontario Provincial Police policy is that:

  1. All amateur radio operators will have been checked against C.P.I.C. with negative results regarding criminal record history and have taken an oath of secrecy.

  2. All amateur radio operators will be in good standing with ARES

  3. The Emergency Coordinator will take direction from the officer in charge and also assist the officer in charge in regards to capabilities and equipment accessible for emergency or special event.

  4. The amateur radio operator will assist the police officers and any emergency worker with communications.

  5. The officer in charge will conduct a full debriefing of the event. ARES members will be part of this debriefing.

Note: This agreement was signed by the following on June 11, 1998.

ARES Emergency Coordinator, Renfrew County:       (retired)

Ontario Provincial Police, Upper Ottawa Valley Detachment:        Staff Sergeant David C. Hurteau   (retired)

Ontario Provincial Police, Killaloe Detachment:        Staff Sergeant Jim Graham.

The original signed copy of the above agreement is on record with the ARES Emergency Coordinator for Renfrew County:    (retired)