Renfrew County ARES

Documents & Forms


1:    Agreement between the County of Renfrew and the Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES) for Renfrew County (.pdf)

2:    Renfrew County ARES and the Pembroke Police Service Protocol

3:    Renfrew County ARES and the Ontario Provincial Police Protocol - Upper Ottawa Valley Detachment and Killaloe Detachment

4:    MOU Between ARES and The Red Cross

5:    Renfrew County ARES Net Pre-Amble

6:    Renfrew County ARES Net Schedule

7:    RC-ARES Message Form (.doc 36K)

8:    ICS-213 Form

9:    IMS-213 Form

10:   RC-ARES West Operations Plan  (.doc 343K)   (Draft)

11:   RC-ARES Pamphlet - Outside (.doc  577K) - Inside   (.doc  71K)

12:   RAC ARES Training Manual 

13:   RAC CEC Training Manual 

14:   EMO IMS 100 Course 

15:   Power Point presentation for Municipal Officials  (804K)    **** See Note

16:   Outpost Setup for RCW-ARES

17:   Outpost ICS-213mm Manual

18:   Ready Bag List (Printable Version)

19:   ARES Medical Kit Bag

20:   ICOM T2A Cheat Sheet

21:   ARES Antennas on Buildings

22:   Radio Shack 3A Power Supply Conversion


Last Updated 2024-Jan-20