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As the digital communications revolution continues, new and varied digital modes become ever more popular. As with all electronic advancements in time the costs become a lot more attractive. For many of the popular digital modes, it is very easy to adapt your sound card to the transceiver and be up and running in very short order, WITHOUT a TNC. Links to some of the more popular digital modes are highlighted, and in some cases the links will take you to real time data. If you have a particular link that you think would be well represented here, please send an email to with the URL so it can be added.

 APRS - We presently have one APRS digi in Renfrew County. It is VA3RBW-3 located in Pt. Alexander. It is implemented with a KPC-3 and a Motorola Radius radio. The antenna (SRL-217) is at about 100  ft on the tower. With normal propagation, the only digi it can communicate with is VA2REH-3 in Mont Sainte Marie.

APRS Info - There are many APRS tutorials available by searching on the net. 
Here is one: 
A free, (donation requested for registration), Windows APRS application, UI-view, is available at  gives up to the minute status reports of APRS activity.

Packet - We have three packet nodes in operation, all on 145.010. One, VE3UCR (FOY) is located at Foymount. It is an X-1J4 node, but it is not receiving reliably. We hope to fix that soon. The second, VA3RBW-7, is located in Pt. Alexander and is a KA-node implemented with a KPC-3+. This node is used as the primary mail box for our Outpostpm operations. The mail box is VA3RBW-1. The third. VE3NRR-7 is located in Pembroke on the CHRO tower. It is also KA-node using a KPC-3+ and has a mail box, VE3NRR-1, used as a secondary mail box for Outpost.

IRLP (Internet Radio Linking Project) Introduction  and the IRLP Active Node List - Form the IRLP website you will find answers to your IRLP questions, and the Active Node List is an up to the minute listing of Node status. The node number for VE3NRR is 2520.

EchoLink - Introducing EchoLink  and  EchoLink Active Node List - These 2 sites are both informative and up to date.

SoundCard Packet - Introduction and Capabilities - Les has used WinPacket in conjunction with  AGWPE in many instances from his  lap-top and has found that the program works flawlessly. You can build your own interface cable for less than $10.00, and be on the air in no time. The same interface cable can also be used for a host of other amateur sound card program applications as well. Les uses a resistor for attenuation in place of the audio transformer as shown on the Interface Cable diagrams ( Tx Cable and Rx Cable) and has no trouble. In place of the opto-isolator used in the PTT cable, he used a simple 2N2222 switching transitor, however, he does not recommend this procedure unless you are willing to risk possible damage to your computer. Without the opto-isolator, you have no protection from voltage spikes back into your computer.

PSK-31 - A Handbook for PSK31 Users   complete with transceiver to PC sound card interface diagrams.

HamScope - Amateur Radio Digital Communications Interface - HamScope is a multi-mode communications interface for amateur radio that supports PSK31, RTTY, CW, Packet and more.

Another SoundCard Interface - Communications Interface  - by Cint Hurd. This design has been created for the amateur radio community to encourage more hams to enjoy the pleasures of the new sound card digital modes. This design is ideal for ham club construction projects and for the individual ham who likes to build his own equipment. The end result is a solid interface for use with sound card modes such as PSK31, MFSK16, RTTY, Hellschreiber, SSTV, Throb and CW.

Other Digital Links  RAC Digital Mode Collection  Check this out for the hundreds of other Digital mode web sites. A check of this site is warranted. Here you will find relative information on just about any digital mode you might be interested in.

Interface Cables  - The Radio to TNC wiring diagrams shown on this page represent more than 700 HAM Radio transceiver models.

Last Update - 13-Jan-2014