In an attempt to meet the requirements of interoperability and still meet the demand of keeping expenses well with in the realm of the average amateur, Renfrew County ARES has accepted the proposition by OTTAWA ARES/EMRG group to use the Anderson Power Pole Connectors. Along with their high current handling capacity (30 Amps) and ease of use, they are packaged in a very rugged and well colour coded neoprene type enclosure. They take wire from number 16 to 12 which can be crimped or soldered to the connector. The connectors can be fastened together either horizontally or vertically by a tongue and groove system.  Roll pins are available to lock the connectors together as are "block locks" which connect up to 4 pairs as a bulk head connector. There are 11 colours in the series allowing for use in signal cable applications also. For a closer look at the Anderson Power Pole connector, you can click on the link and follow the prompts.  Look for Single Pole Connector Series and search out catalogue number 1330 (Red) and number 1330G4 (Black). There are full specs, drawings and a list of accessories.

The connectors are available through Renfrew County ARES, and a single set (this includes 1 Black and 1 Red connector) sells for $2.00. A quantity of 5 sets are bagged and sell for $9.00. A quantity order of 50 to 99 sets sell for $1.50 per set and quantities over 100 sell for $1.25 per set.

You should note that your purchase not only allows you to have the required connecters to quickly change radios, power sources, etc., but also you will be putting approximately anywhere from $0.13 per set to $0.88 per set (depending on quantity of order) directly into the Renfrew County ARES bank account to help offset costs of some of our programs. To place an order, request more information, or discuss any special needs, you can email or to further discuss options.