Renfrew County ARES

"For the Record..."


ARES members are asked to submit a copy of any pictures they may have taken during any of the many outing that ARES members are involved with. It is here that we will try to record and highlight the activities of our members. Please send to copies of any text or pictures that you would like to see added to the events listed.

Be aware that most of the 'For The Record' files contain many pictures of varying file size, and it is highly recommended that you have a high speed internet connection to view the files. I would also point out that the pages are best viewed with a monitor setting of 1024 x 768 pixels or more.


2016-Jun-25,26       Field Day at Riverside Park

2015-Jun-27,28       Field Day at Riverside Park

2011-Sep-12            Greater Madawaska "Wet Feet" Exercise

2011-Feb-06            Deep River Silver Spoon Ski Race

2010-Nov-27            County wide simplex communications test (.pdf)

2010-Oct-17:            Petawawa Family Fun Run

2010-Jun-13:            Paddlequest  (1 MB)

2008-Jun-08:            Paddlequest  (2 MB)

2007-Oct-30,31:       Halloween in Pembroke

2007-Oct-18:            Nuclear Plan Exercise

2007-Jul-28:             Phoenix Warrior Poker Run

2004-Oct-21:            ARES CALL-OUT ' Black Bay'

2004-Sep-25:           Beachburg Village Walk and/or Bike Tour

2004-Jun-13:           Miramichi Lodge PADDLEQUEST 2004 

2003-Aug-10:           ARES CALL-OUT 'Search for Ardeth Wood'

2003-Jul-24:             ARES CALL-OUT 'Golden Lake'

2003-Jun-28/29:     Field Day 2003

2003-Jun-10            Chalk River Region Nuclear Emergency Plan Exercise using Packet Radio (.pdf)

2003-May-04:          Canoeing along the Snake River

2002-July-27:           ARES CALL-OUT 'Bancroft Search'

2002-Jun-27/28:     Field Day 2002

2001-Jan-14:           Winter Camping Exercise