Phoenix Warrior Poker Run

The Renfrew County West ARES group provided communication support for the first (maybe annual) Phoenix Warrior Poker Run on the 28th of July. The poker run was a fundraiser for the Phoenix Centre in Pembroke. The run involved 16 cigarette boats that traveled from Petawawa to the Swisha, then to Pembroke, then back to Petawawa.  Our base station was at Petawawa, and we had stations at Pembroke, Deep River and The Swisha. The straight-line distance from Pembroke to The Swisha is 60 KM. We used VA3RBW in Pt. Alexander to cover the distance, and were able to use handhelds for all operations.  A military helicopter was used to monitor the progress of the boats and to watch for obstructions in the water. We were able to communicate with the helicopter through almost the entire course in order to relay to the organizers the status of the run.  Liability issues prevented us from having an ARES member on board the helicopter. (DAMN!!)

pet3 pet2
George, VE3GPD at the Petawawa station.
Another view of George at the station in Petawawa with Mike, VE3ODJ in the background. Mike visited the station in Petawawa, then set up a station at the Pembroke marina.
pet4 pet5
The military helicopter checking out some of the Petawawa boaters. Some of the cigarette boats preparing for the run.
swi1 swi5
Yvonne, VE3RYA at the Swisha station.
Bob, VE3YX talking to the helicopter from the Swisha.
swi2 swi3
Some of the boats arriving at the Swisha. The boats in the background have slowed down for their arrival.
The helicopter herding the boats before they start the return trip to Petawawa and Pembroke.
swi4 swi6
Another shot of the helicopter kicking up the river. The noise of the helicopter and the boats was LOUD!!
The fish were not likely biting.
The helicopter crew says hello to Bob and Yvonne.
Other ARES members that participated, but didn't get in front of a camera were: Chris, VA3CRL at the Deep River pier; Chris, VE3BOY aboard one of the boats; Don, VE3IGN at Petawawa; Dale, VA3DNA at Pineridge; and Richard, VA3BIX who stuck with the event organizer.