Renfrew County ARES members assisted with this exciting community event by providing experienced communications for the duration of the event. Details of the events planning can be found at these following links.

PaddleQuest-2004 Registration
Canadian Recreational Canoeing Association
Boreal Design - Events and sponsorship

You could not ask for a better day for such an event as PADDLEQUEST-2004 as was had on Sunday, June 13. The area was covered in light cloud, preventing any serious ultra-violet, and a light breeze was enough to ripple the water. The Renfrew County ARES members that assisted found themselves dispersed between many of the high power motor boats, the OPP motor boat, the VERY LARGE war canoe, and on land. ARES communications were held on the local Pembroke repeater (VE3NRR) with simplex frequency 146.520 as a back-up. The entire outing was handled by handi-talkies do to the very close proximity of the repeater. Aside from an almost perfect weather day, the event itself was organized with such good planning and efficiency, that ARES members found themselves having a fun filled outing while keeping an eye on their respective posts. The amateur radio operators maintained a positional report back to land, as well as a constant health and welfare report. This allowed the land crew to forward this information to the organizers, who were then in position to greet the paddlers at both the half-way point and the finish.

The event concluded at Riverside Park in Pembroke, where a BBQ was held to feed those that had most likely developed an appetite. During the BBQ, the closing ceremony allowed for the organizers of the event to be recognized, and general information regarding the success of the fund raiser to be made known to all participants.

A thank you for the following collection of pictures is mostly due to Val (VE3UEW).

Pic Pic2

and the day gets underway



Pic3 Pic4

WOW!! Everything is just so exciting....




C'mon Brodie, don't ask me any hard questions....



Pic6 Pic7

Everyone is looking forward to getting underway....




Keeping things running smoothly ...



Pic9 Pic10

Last minute preparations are made .....



Pic11 Pic12




But I have to look after the radio....


Oh, I have to PADDLE too ....



Pic14 Pic15

George, VE3GPD climbs aboard the OPP boat.



Pic16 Pic17

As the group gets underway, a few pictures are taken from a vantage point above....



Pic18 Pic19

and a few more from the shoreline...




On to HALF-WAY Point