Field DAY 2003


Field day 2003 was another great success. Members of the Renfrew County Amateur Radio Club (RCARC) once again braved the great outdoors, and challenged the weather to participate in the annual event. This year saw the group running only one radio setup powered by battery and fed several antenna structures for various modes. An APRS and IRLP as well as an Echo-link demonstration was performed for the curious public at our set up in beautiful Riverside Park in Pembroke Ontario. The following is a collection of pictures that speak for themselves. Further info on Field Day 2003 can be obtained from the RAC web-site.


Above: Chris (VA3CRL) and Claude (VE3WQ) check the tension on a guy line, while Ron (VE3ZRV) 
eyes up the situation.


Above: Tony (VA3HWH) can be seen in the foreground, while Bill (VE2IQ) works feverishly on
the lap-top. To the right, (left to right) is Neil (VE3VFJ), Rob (VA3AGN) who by the way is not sure
whether it is a plane, a bird, or Super Ham.... and to his right stands Claude, and Ron.


Above: Bill is seen here still hard at it, while in the picture on the right he now shares his success with Tony.


Above: As Tony picks up where Bill left off, Greg (VE3AWQ) looks on. To the right we see
Yvonne (VE3RYA) as she fine tunes a QRP rig prior to going on the air.


With the weather playing tricks, a rainbow was visible, and above is Yvonne and Bob (VE3GQW) 
working as a team while Tony tries to figure out the fine print on paper, and Claude just keeps
hammering away on CW. 


Claude finally takes a break, and gives his arm a much needed rest. (hi hi) while Bob and Yvonne keep QRP'ing.


Another picture of Claude, Bill, Tony, Bob and Yvonne adding to the count. On the right is a picture
of the ARES mobile command post often used during public outings as a rest or shelter location.


Two fine gentlemen taking in a spot of sunshine, Ron (VE3ZRV) and Dave (VE3PEM). Above is another shot of the area. 


Here we can see the tent quite well, (did I mention it was air conditioned with a sun roof) 
and to the right, another indication of the way the WX was behaving.

I am sure this rainbow was sent to bring us good luck.



              Hey, we will take all the help we can get..........two harmonics of Brodie and Tina


I am sure Val (VE3UEW) is telling John (VA3AJT) that the antenna would look better just a little more 
over this way.... meanwhile, on the right, we see Rob (VA3AGN) taking his antenna for a walk.....


As with any great Field Day it is always a pleasure to answer the questions of the curious public. Here John 
can be seen answering the queries of a young visitor from Ottawa along with his grandfather who stopped by 
the site. 
However, all good things must come to an end, and here on the right we see the boys starting to dismantle camp.


Here is a good picture of some of the group after a great Field Day outing. From left to
right is Ron (VE3ZRV), Bill (VE2IQ), John (VA3AJT), Les (VE3PL), Val (VE3UEW) with a
harmonic belonging to Brodie, Bob (VE3GQW), Yvonne (VE3RYA), Brodie (VA3BDT), Greg (VE3AWQ)
kneeling with his harmonic, and Rob (VA3AGN).


BELOW:  These pictures were taken while Val, Les and John paid a visit to the Renfrew group.