Field Day June 25th and 26th, 2016

Our ARES group and other club members set up in Riverside Park, Pembroke.


Loading the trailer at the shed.

Rob, Bob and John instruct John on shelter assembly.

The tarps under the cover darken the shelter so we can see the computer screen.

Rob taking a break from setting up the overnight accommodation.
John about to put up a mast to support one end of the dipole.

Bill VE2IQ gives Bob a printout of the ARRL Field Day CW bulletin.

All set up and advertising who we are.

John and Ken start racking up the contacts.

Catalina logs for Ken.

Yvonne makes the contacts while Bob logs.

Rob searches for "non-dupes" while the logger is ??.

The whole site in the late evening.

The sun is setting and the mossies are warming up their engines.
The photo shows the Arrow dual band J on top of the mast and
the 80/40/20 paralleled dipoles.

Ken and John try to work in the dark as the LED light doesn't like the generator output.

Sunday noon and Rob is working the barbeque instead of the radio.

Mike checks the weather while Rob does the culinary thing.

In spite of the proximity of the burgers, Yvonne and Bob keep trying for more contacts while John and John urge them on.

The guilty parties.

Standing L-R; John VA3IOI, Heather VA3HLR, Ken VE2HFX, Mike VE3ODJ, Cathy, Rob VA3AGN.

Sitting L-R; Claire, John VA3LOT, Ellie, Poncho, Yvonne VE3RYA, Bob VE3YX, Catalina.

We got 33 contacts on 80M, 200 on 40, and 48 on 20 for a total of 281 contacts.

Photos by Catalina, Yvonne and Bob

Last Updated: 2016 Jul 14