ARES Callout

Black Bay Area


Date: Thursday October 14, 2004

Time: 0800 Local

Source: Ontario Provincial Police

Reason: Missing Senior Citizen


Briefing: A call was placed to the Renfrew County ARES Search Coordinator, Fred (VA3FPB), by OPP Special Constable ERT member Peter Graves, who in turn alerted Bob (VE3GQW) and the Renfrew County ARES EC, Les (VE3PL). At this point in time it was established that a 67 year old senior citizen was missing in the Black Bay road area of the County. The casualty was reported to have been out overnight, after not returning from cutting wood on his wood lot. A search was underway and ARES members were asked to be on scene by 0900.

Action: The ARES telephone tree was activated while Fred proceeded to the search site. There was no command post set up, and no structure that could be used as a command post at this point. Tarps were being considered for shelter because a a steady rain that was descending on the area. The temperature was around 7 degrees C at this point, but had been much lower (approx. 0 degrees C) overnight. Contacting ARES members was difficult do to the fact that this was a work day, and many of the members were either en-route to work, or not yet at their respective work locations. A number of ARES members were contacted and instructions were given to them to report to VE3NRR for a update from Fred. A reminder was passed to each member to dress for the weather.

Results: After arriving on scene, Fred was notified that a casualty had been located, and a positive identification was in the process of being made. Fred then alerted all ARES members to hold their position until the results of the identification process was completed. Once it was confirmed that the located person was in fact the casualty (he had wandered out onto a road and was pick up by a member of the Ontario Police) and identity was confirmed, ARES members were told to stand down.

Debriefing: ARES members were thanked for being available, and Special Constable Peter Graves of the OPP made a short thank you speech via the VE3NRR repeater to those ARES members that were involved. Aside from a rather smooth operation, some updates were made to the call out tree.

Members: The following members were directly  or indirectly involved. This list is in no particular order and does not imply the function of any particular member. VA3FPB, VE3GQW, VE3RYA, VA3AJT, VE3ZRV, VA3RKS, VA3GSL, VE3GPD, VE3ZLO, VA3BDT, VE3PL and VA3JRC. If anyone was missed in the proceeding list, please notify me for inclusion. Thank you.