ARES Callout


Date:        July 24, 2003

Time:       1820 hours EST

Source:     Ontario Provincial Police

Reason:    Lost female in the Golden Lake Ontario area. Map to be used: Golden Lake

Briefing:    Female (Deloris) 113 lbs 5'2" 38 years of age last seen the previous evening wearing white running shoes, white T-Shirt and shorts and a gold with silver watch.

Action:    Renfrew County Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES) Search Coordinator VA3FPB alerts Renfrew County ARES EC (Emergency Coordinator) VE3PL at 1822 hours EST that he had been contacted by on-scene commander Peter Graves of the OPP, who has requested the assistance of the Renfrew County ARES group. Upon the ARES EC receiving the above information, it was mutually agreed by both coordinators to immediately activate the call-out tree, and to also place a call on the local repeater VE3NRR to net any ARES members that may be on frequency. A tentative on air net is set for VE3NRR at 1845 hours for a briefing of the situation.

Results: Following the implementation of the call out tree and the on air requests for ARES members, a dozen Renfrew County ARES members are present on the local repeater for further instructions. At this time, the Renfrew County ARES Search Coordinator briefs all members, indicates that this will be a night search. The weather is reported as mild with very wet conditions and a very good chance of rain. Visibility is poor due to the heavy cloud cover. Directions are given to the Golden Lake Fire Hall where our members are to meet at 2030 hours. Preparations are made to include a base communications system should the time and terrain dictate the requirement for greater range communications. This package will include a stand-up 30' tower with a Ringo-Ranger antenna, a 32 amp power supply, and a 50 watt 2-meter mobile unit with some deep cycle back-up battery power should we loose power due to weather conditions. Upon arrival on scene, the ARES EC was informed by Incident Command that due to an immediate turn of events, the lost person may have been found. As this was being checked out by the OPP, ARES members that were still en-route were radioed to hold their position until further notified. With-in minutes, the OPP confirmed that the missing person had been positively identified, and she would be receiving medical attention for minor concerns. All participating ARES members at this time were notified of the situation, and it was decided that those that were interested could meet at the home QTH of VA3FPB for a de-brief and a social gathering.

Debriefing: Following a formal thank you by the OPP for our participation, several members met at the home QTH of VA3FPB to discuss various issues resulting from the call-out. All members present felt that the call-out as a whole was very well handled. Some members expressed the need to better prepare for the unexpected call-out when it occurs. It was also mentioned that the call-out tree needs to be updated and possibly password protected and made available to members via the web page. Several members compared some of their personnel equipment and discussed items for the ready bag.

Members: The following members were directly involved. This list is in no particular order and does not imply the function of any particular member. VE3AWQ, VA3JRC, VA3FPB, VE3GQW, VE3ZRV, VE3RYA, VA3AJT, VE3GPD, VA3HWH, VA3BDT, VE3PL. Honors mention goes to the following amateurs for their assistance, offering of assistance, or for standing by in case of need. VE2VRU, VE3UEW, VA3RKS, VE3ODJ, VE3EKS, VA3AGN. I deeply apologize if I have missed anyone or made light of any members contribution, however, as with all ARES call-outs, the fate of the victim is really the important factor.


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