Volunteers involved in the Wonfor Search and Rescue - Bancroft

*NOTE: This SAR activity is being reported well after the fact. Although every effort has been made to maintain accuracy, the author asks forgiveness should he have incorrect facts.

Date:        July 27/03

Time:        20:45 hours EST

Source:    Ontario Provincial Police

Reason:    Lost male in bush for at least 7 days. 

Briefing:    OPP ERT members have been on site for several days. Radio communications between OPP ERT members have been poor due to local terrain. 

Action:    Requested ARES members be on-site at 0830 hrs the following morning. Six members depart from Pembroke and area in two vehicles. Immediately upon arriving, ARES members begin the task of setting up a temporary antenna system, complete with battery power for base radio communications. The base radio will be set up  in the OPP trailer. By 0845, base radio is activated and members are briefed by OPP ERT Incident Commander. Les will operate the radio at base camp and liason with the OPP ERT members. At 0900 Fred departs into the bush, and at 0915, John  and Jamie are off by assignment to cover a given area. Clinton is next to have an assignment, and also heads off in a given direction. Greg is teamed with the K9 unit, and is tasked out. This is intended to be an all out effort to find the missing person today, due to the length of time of exposure, and based on his lack of bush experience, it is critical that he be found in the next 12 hours. Due to heavy fog in the area, the OPP helicopter is delayed. It finally arrives at approximately 1000 hours. At 1120 hours, all SAR members asked to stay put, while an OPP ERT member fires a round. Some members report what may have been yelling following the shot. A second shot is fired, but nothing is heard following the report. At 1240 hrs, members are asked to meet at specific coordinates to allow for retrieval for lunch. Some members are too far in, and will have luch delivered. By 1330 the search is back under full steam, and by 1338 team 3 is tasked with a detailed search in a given find area. What appears to be the casualty's  boots have been discovered within a swampy area. 7431  8580 are the given coordinates for the found boots. This relates to the Bancroft map NAD83. A detailed contour search is executed in the immediate area of the find. At 1430 team 3 reports in that they have found the casualty, alive and relatively well. Extrication from the site will take approximately 45 minutes to reach an area where the casualty can be picked up by OPP four-wheeler and brought out to a road where he can be transported back to base camp. His family is notified and brought by OPP to the base camp. Team 3 reports that he will require pants and socks, these are supplied him by one of our ARES members. At 1526 hours, the casualty is returned to base camp, and after a brief reunion with his mother, he is transported by ambulance to a local hospital for minor medical treatment.


Members:    The following members were directly involved. This list is in no particular order and does not imply the function of any particular member. VA3FPB, VE3AWQ, VE3PL,VA3JRC,VA3AJT,and VA3CLI. Honors mention goes to the following amateurs for their assistance, offers of assistance, or for standing by in case of need - VA3KKO. I sincerely apologize if I have missed anyone or made light of any members contribution, however, as will all ARES call-outs, the fate of the causality is really the important factor.


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