Deep River / Laurentian Hills Nuclear Emergency Plan Exercise

18 Oct 2007

On Oct. 18th, there was a full exercise of the Laurentian Hills / Deep River Nuclear Emergency Plan. There were 7 centres in operation excluding AECL itself. Renfrew County West ARES provided backup communications for 5 of the centres. We had voice and packet with Outpost on VHF at 4 centres: the Municipal Emergency Operations Centre, MEOC, in Pt. Alexander the Emergency Information Centre, EIC, also in Pt. Alexander, the Reception Centre, REC, in Deep River, and the Evacuation Centre, EVAC, in Deep River. We had VHF voice only at the Red Cross in Pembroke. We also had HF at the MEOC. This was the first exercise that we used Outpost for packet. We had a total of 15 ARES members at the various sites.

The scenario started at 0900 with the assumtion that the callout had been made hours earlier and the centres had been set up. This was a bit of a challenge for us as the buildings didn't open until 0830, and in the REC centre, the equipment couldn't be accessed until after 0900. All centres were operational in a reasonable time.

The scenario did not include a failure of normal communications, so the players were asked to pass some of their messages through ARES. Consequently, we weren't overloaded with messages, but we had enough to test our communications. It turned out that a lot of the messages were passed to and from the Red Cross in Pembroke. We wished we had had the resources to have a packet station there. The packet systems running Outpost worked very well. The exercise provided an opportunity for many of our ARES members to experience packet operations for the first time. Some were surprised how simple communications were with Outpost. The exercise players were impressed by the timing and quality of the messages they received. We received an email from the Red Cross with some very favourable words.

One message was passed and communications were maintained throughout the exercise between the MEOC and PEOC on 3742 KHz.

One side of the Municipal Control Group located at the Municipal Emergency Operations Centre (MEOC) in Pt. Alexander
The other side of the Municpal Control Group with the observers on the stage.
Chris, VA3CRL on VHF voice and Dale, VA3DNA on VHF packet (running Outpost) in the MEOC. (The LCBO bag has radio gear in it!!!)
Bob, VE3YX at the MEOC HF station with Yvonne, VE3RYA logging. VHF voice available with handhelds.
(Adjacent office to Dale and Chris.)
Cliff, VE3AGN and Bernie, VA3SUR at the Outpost packet station in the Emergency Information Centre (EIC) in the rink shack in Pt. Alexander.
Chris, VE3BOY, Ron, VE3ZRV, Richard, VA3BIX at the Outpost packet station in the Reception Centre located in the Deep River Arena. Mike, VE3ODJ is behind the camera.
REC2    There were no photos taken at either the Evacuation Centre (Mackenzie High School), or at the Red Cross in Pembroke. George, VE3GPD, Don, VE3IGN, and Dwight, VE3ZLO operated the station at Mackenzie while Rob, VA3AGN operated the Red Cross station.
The Reception Centre packet station with Outpost on the screen.


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