Beachburg Village Walk

and / or

Bike Tour


The Renfrew County ARES EC was approached by organizing committee member Lynne Langton and asked if ARES would offer their services to assist with an upcoming event scheduled for Saturday September 25/04. The concept of the event was to host a walk and bike tour in the Whitewater district with pledges and donations to go to the Whitewater Bromley Community Health Centre Project Programs.

A meeting was scheduled, in which the ARES EC for Renfrew County attended, and the details were discussed in greater depth. It was decided that the ARES group would assist with the bike tour in a manner of patrol, and to relay communications back to St. John ambulance if required as well as to report on the progress of the bikes. The ambulance would be parked at the fair grounds, and a command post would be set up and run by an ARES member. A request then was sent out to the general membership for those that wanted to participate in this ARES exercise.

Saturday morning saw several ARES members assemble at the Beachburg Fair grounds. In attendance was Jamie (VA3JRC), George (VE3GPD), Les (VE3PL), Chris (VE3BOY), and Val (VE3UEW). The members were given a map of the bike route, and positioned themselves along the route as required. The day itself was a very nice day, with a mild breeze and fair temperatures. The event concluded with a BBQ in which those members of ARES that participated were invited to indulge.

The organizing committee was very pleased with the capabilities of the ARES group, and made a small donation to the ARES bank account to help fund other ARES initiatives. This donation was received with gratitude, and a thank you was delivered verbally to the organization group, followed by a letter of thanks.