RCARC Monday Evening Net

Link Codes

VA3RBW: 571 on, 570 off

VE3UCR: 521 on, 520 off

VE3ZRR: 531 on, 530 off (Please leave ZRR link OFF when not in use.)

Good evening everyone and welcome to the Renfrew County Amateur Radio Club Monday night net for this Monday,

The net meets weekly at this time through the combined services of VE3NRR in Pembroke, VE3ZRR in Renfrew, VE3UCR in Foymount and VA3RBW in Point Alexander.

Your net control this evening is___________________ and my name is___________________.

The purpose of this net is to provide information on any changes to the club's repeater network and to keep members in touch on a regular basis. New members are always welcome, anyone wishing to join the club should write to the club at the following address:

RCARC, c/o Yvonne Adam, 146 Ezylyfe Ln., Deep River, ON, K0J 1P0

Annual dues are used in support of our ongoing repeater network projects. Further information on the club is available by request, on the net.

The club is RAC affiliated, and supports RAC's work on behalf of all Amateurs.

Before taking regular check-ins, is there any emergency or priority traffic please come now.

I will now take check-ins from anyone on frequency who wishes to do so:

Please come now with your call sign, name and location.

In closing, I would like to thank one and all for checking in.

This is_____________ returning the repeater back to normal use, 73.

Revised 2017-Jun-12